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How? Intern abroad in China, the home of many inventions, great economic change and the world's largest population. Choosing to go to China for practical work experience is a smart move. We live in a global economy where China is the world's largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods.

What happens in China impacts the rest of the world and having a sound understanding of the Chinese culture, way of business and language, all while getting practical work experience can giveyou a career advantage that few others have. Go Abroad China (GAC) will customize your internship offer to suit your skills, goals and interests.

Come live and work in cities, like Shanghai and Beijing, where modern life and ancient traditions collide, where life is buzzing and opportunities abound. You don't need to speak Mandarin Chinese to come, but we encourage you to actively take part in our Mandarin Chinese lessons which are part of the program. For best results, stay for longer than four weeks. At the end of the program you can take home a completion certificate, an Employer Reference letter and, if relevant, the credits for your internship.


Tuan - Australia Internship Program in Beijing

Living and working in Beijing really opened my eyes. The people are extremely nice and helpful. During work, even though there is a huge language barrier, my colleagues do try to communicate with me and the manager was able to organise me to learn from different departments. I was able to make new friends and visit many places in Beijing. Everyone from GAC are very helpful and supportive. Overall I am satisfied with the program. Read More


Laura - USA Internship Program in Shanghai

Go aboard China was the one of the best things to happen to me!!! I did the homestay program where I stayed with the cutest family they were so kind to me!!! Kinder then the family I have now lol I actually miss them and think of them often even though it's been a few months since I left the program. I also got to work in an amazing engineering firm Wison were I had the most loving and hilarious coworkers, I literally just fit right in ! GAC I would recommend to a friend or any one reading this. Even when i wasn't in the city of Shanghai , GAC still helped me, plan , get and make sure I was safe during my trip to Beijing. I love GAC!!! Read More


Chris - United Kingdom Internship Program in Beijing

My time in China has been extremely rewarding. When I arrived, the culture shock was immense but I quickly settled into Chinese life, thanks to Gina and the GAC team. My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me the opportunity to work in a fantastically social co-working space in the heart of Sanlitun SOHO, a cosmopolitan and refined area. Read More


David - Australia Internship Program in Shanghai

Overall I enjoyed my experience with GAC. I was pleased with the amount of knowledge I learned and the new experiences I went through during my internship as a financial analyst at a finance company which GAC found on my behalf. The internship made me realize how fast things move in the finance industry and I feel it has prepared me well for the transition from university to the work force. Read More

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Why intern abroad in China with GAC?

China has the world’s largest and fastest growing economy. It’s a culturally rich country that is continually adapting to stay abreast of world changes. Many of the world’s multinational organizations have offices in one or more of its major cities; therefore there are many internship opportunities available for students and young people, exposing you to a new culture, increasing your language skills and giving you invaluable work experience.

With internship opportunities, the more effort you put in, the more you'll get back and you can gain many advantages from taking an internship, and even more if you take it in China.

Go with GAC!

Why Take an Internship?
Why Take an Internship in China?
Why intern with Go Abroad China?
  • Personal and Professional Development
    Getting to know a new culture will result in personal and professional development. Being able to understand another culture will help you predict and understand their behaviors, it will help you understand their viewpoint better. With China having such an influence across the world, being able to understand and work Chinese businesses can be a massive career advantage.
  • Are You Work Ready?
    Many graduates start work with little or no work experience and are not prepared for the workforce. An internship is a great way to gain practical experience so you are work-ready when the time comes to look for a full-time position. An internship can help you get your foot in the door - many of our interns have been offered permanent positions at their internship company once their program was complete.
  • Diplomacy and Adaptability
    Learning to navigate the workforce and cope with different situations, especially if you are in another country learning a new culture, can teach you how to navigate and adapt to different situations. You’ll learn how to be diplomatic in your communications as you begin to understand working with people who have a different background and values to yourself.
  • Learn About Business Roles and Industries
    When you leave university, you may not have a clear picture of what you want to do, what type of position you’d like or which industry you’d like to work in. Learning about an industry and working in it can also be worlds apart. An internship allows you to test the waters and see whether a particular role or industry meets your expectations and if you’d like to work in it permanently.

When you apply for an internship with Go Abroad China (GAC), you get a customized experience that combines:

  • Living in China
    China is an amazing country. When you intern here you can discover the many faces of China; it’s myriad of culturally rich and diverse cities. Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture from day-to-day living through to excursions that take you to old and new China.
  • International Work Experience
    As an undergraduate or graduate, you will know that finding your first job and gaining experience is the biggest challenge you face. A China internship can launch your career and help you get your foot in the door for your chosen profession with international experience that will look great on your resume.
  • Networking
    Grow your network of business connections by networking with over 4000 alumni worldwide who have completed a GAC internship.
  • Mentoring and Coaching Gain valuable support throughout your internship that will guide you through the program and build your capabilities and improve your prospects.
  • Learning the Chinese Language Whether you speak Mandarin fluently or can barely speak it at all, our Chinese language lessons (included in your package) are geared to get you fluent as quickly as possible.
  • Cultural and Social Experiences Encountering a new culture will expand your knowledge and introduce you to new ways of thinking, new experiences and broaden your mind.
  • And a whole lot of fun! All work and no play is definitely not our motto. Our participants get to work and play, ensuring their stay is as enjoyable as possible.

This life-changing experience could be yours, inquire to find out more.

GAC have over a decade of experience in helping students find an internship in China. We offer a well-rounded program, developed over time and constantly updated to stay one of the best available in China. Our program has more modules included in the standard price than our competitors. We partner only with the top universities in China, to ensure you get the best opportunities for learning and development. Our team are here to support you throughout the application process, before you come, throughout the program and even once you have gone home – at this point you’ll become one of our more than 4,000 GAC Alumni. We look after you, all the way, to make sure you have a great time in China, adjust easily to the culture shock and have all your needs supported throughout your stay. Come to China with GAC and you’ll be glad you did!

How does a GAC internship in China work?

Working overseas can be hard if you don’t have the support you need. Go Abroad China have over a decade of experience in organizing customized internship programs for people all over the world. Whether you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, GAC is here to offer you the opportunity to live and work in China easily. Our internship programs are completely flexible, from when you start through to the length of time you intern for; our team are here to help you put together your dream internship program.

Once you apply, we will help you every step of the way from program registrations and visas to day-to-day living. With a GAC Internship you get a competitively priced service that offers:

What’s Included in a GAC Internship?

The Go Abroad China (GAC) Internship program has been much-loved by thousands of students for many reasons. Our commitment to making sure you have a fantastic internship experience from the start of your application through to going home, means we work hard to look after you around the clock.

We aim to give you the best value for money, with many extras included in your internship program price. We are well-known for making sure our students have a fulfilling experience in China, comfortable, safe, and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

Our service package includes all the essential things you need to have a memorable experience including pre-departure support, visa support documentation, accommodation, insurance, transportation, medical aid and more. Your program fee includes the following:

Mentorship & Coaching

We support you throughout the program with training and career advice to help you succeed.
Put our experience to work for you starting today.
Read More

Complete Suite of Services

Your wellbeing is our primary concern, so we have an all-inclusive service package that looks after all your needs from start to finish.
Read More

Chinese Language Support

Our Chinese language program can be customized to suit your proficiency in Mandarin; this allows you to progress rapidly based on your level of skill.
Read More

Networking Opportunities

Connect with over 4000 students, past and present, who have taken part in a GAC Internship through cultural events, excursions, networking and alumni activities.
Read More

Tailored to You

Our programs can be fully customized to suit your goals, needs and interests, so the plan is just right for you.
Read More

24/7 Support

Our team are here to personally support you throughout the process of application right through to the end of your stay.
Read More


We offer three accommodation options to suit your lifestyle and budget from quiet rooms to vibrant dorms.
Read More

Financial Support

GAC offers a range of options including sponsorships and financial aid so that everyone can access our programs.
Read More

Go Abroad China offers excellent value for money.

Our standard packages have more inclusions than our competitors,
and we fully tailor your experience to match your needs.


A day in the life of an Intern

It can be hard to imagine what your time in China will be like without first-hand experience. A typical day for our interns is:

  • Start the day at your intern position
  • Wander around the city and explore over lunch
  • Take part in cultural classes set to your level of capability
  • Enjoy a cultural activity and learn more about China
  • Plan your next activities and spend time with your personal tutor
  • Relax and chill with your classmates before a night on the town

Positions Available

With over 2000 internships to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect internship opportunity for you.

Search our database of internship opportunities now:

Destination Internships

Go Abroad China offers you a range of Chinese cities to live and study abroad in.

Photo Gallery

Are you ready to kick-start your career and change your life?

Get global experience and immerse yourself in the vibrant sights
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Four Easy Steps to Internship in China


Step one: Apply online

Before you apply, remember to do your research, so you have an idea about where, when and for how long you want to intern abroad. When you have an idea of what you’d like, complete our online application form to get the ball rolling.


Step two: Assessment

To make sure we know what you want from your internship experience – where you want to work, what you want to achieve, where and for how long you’d like to stay – we’ll organize a 15 minute Skype interview with you. From this, we can make sure we tailor the right Internship Package for you. We’ll also know if this is the right program for you. Within two to three days after the interview, the coordinator will be in touch by email to let you know if your application has been successful. If so, we’ll send you a formal offer.


Step three: Confirmation

To confirm your placement in our program, you’ll need to reply to our letter of offer and pay your agreed deposit. Once this has been done, we’ll send you all the documents you need: your contract with us, your employment contract and all the required documents for your visa application as well as your pre-departure package. The pre-departure package contains all the information you’ll need regarding your trip including where you’ll stay.


Step Four: Start your China Internship experience

Once your flights have been booked, let us know your arrival details (date and time, flight number) so that we can organize airport pick-up. We’ll be excited to welcome you to our program in person!

Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.

Dates & Fees

Please check internship program Dates and Fees for details.

Have a question?

See our FAQs or contact our friendly team for more information.

Come to China for your internship

Have all your needs taken care of, broaden your horizons, be more independent, and make friends for life!


Promotions & Financial Aid

We want everyone to have the chance to live and study in China; to make this possible we have a range of financial options available to support students who cannot afford full fees. Contact us today to discuss promotions, full and partial sponsorship opportunities.

Our prices range from US$3,280 to US$11,480 depending on your accommodation and length of stay.

View Prices, Promotions and Financial Aid