If you want to be at the forefront of green energy and green technology, there’s no better place to be than China. China is one of the most dedicated countries when it comes to talking about green technology. The Chinese government will spend upwards up $2.5 trillion over the next 15 years on clean energy projects designed to provide a lift-off to its most promising alternative energy firms. Citizens are also becoming more environmentally conscious and demand green technology innovations from both the government and private entities. China has ambitious targets for future renewable energy development, particularly in wind power, solar power heating, ethanol, biomass, and small hydropower. By 2020 China plans to have renewable energy account for 15% of the total consumption. An internship with Go Abroad China will link you with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights into an industry that is becoming more vital. Go Abroad China can help you find the right fashion internship to support your future career plans, growing your global network of connections and giving you the practical experience you need to gain confidence and stand out from the crowd.



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