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The HSK Examination, known as “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” in Chinese, is the standard Chinese Language Proficiency Test for non-native Chinese speakers, such as foreigners, students of Chinese national minorities, and overseas Chinese. The primary objective of the HSK test is to evaluate the level of standard Mandarin that a student has learned. Your HSK Test Score can be used for university admissions and job applications.

Your HSK Test Preparation will be designed through personal study plans which take into account your previous Mandarin Chinese proficiency level and will be tracked to ensure you are ready to complete your HSK test.

The HSK Test has been updated and is now an international standardized exam, assessing your ability as a non-native Chinese speaker in your daily, academic and professional life. The HSK Test consists of six test levels:

  1. HSK Level I, II and III (These levels form the HSK Threshold)
  2. HSK Level IV (HSK Elementary)
  3. HSK Level V (HSK Intermediate)
  4. HSK Level VI (HSK Advanced)

To gain your HSK Certification, you will need to attain the required scores for your test level.

Program Highlights 

Go Abroad China

Teacher Rotation

Where possible, we rotate our teachers are regularly to keep the learning atmosphere fresh which allows our students to benefit from the instructors’ varied strengths and teaching style. The course can include between two and six hours a day of formal study, with a ratio of one instructor to 5-15 international students.

Go Abroad China - Why GAC


We offer flexible class hours because some of our students need to balance Chinese study with work, travel or other commitments. The program length and commencement dates can also be arranged to meet any requirements our applicants have and make things are as convenient as possible for them.

Learn Chinese in Nanjing

Full Immersion

Besides the conventional classroom style learning, we also value the importance of non-classroom activities to enhance your knowledge of the Chinese language and understanding of our culture. GAC organizes several out-of-class activities and city tours. We also encourage our students to take part in language exchange.

Go Abroad China

Well-Structured Curriculum

We ensure programs include a modern and well thought out curriculum to suit both our short-term and long-term students, ensuring everyone gets the best lessons and support during his or her time of study. Our lesson plans are carefully organized, bearing in mind the interest, time frames and the learning style of our applicants.

What's Included

Go Abroad China HSK Preparation Program offers excellent service package value for money to ensure you have a rich and memorable study experience in China. Our standard all-inclusive program package includes all the essential things you need to have a fantastic experience in China. Meanwhile, we can fully tailor your experience to match your needs and budgets. Contact us with your needs.

Chinese Lessons




Visa Support


Arrival & Orientation


Workshops & Learning Materials


Internship Placement

Activities & Tours


Networking Events


Certificate & Credits


24/7 support


Prices & Dates

Our HSK Preparation Program are available all-year-round with the optional duration from 2 weeks to 12months. The following table outlines all-inclusive service prices for our programs, excluding visa fees, flights, insurance or daily food & drink. Learn more pricing details.

Program Program Type Duration Full Service with Homestay Full Service with Shared Apartment
2 Weeks US$1,780 US$2,180
3 Weeks US$2,280 US$2,680
General Chinese 4 Weeks US$2,880 US$3,280
Business Chinese Standard 5 Weeks US$3,380 US$3,880
HSK Preparation Course 6 Weeks US$3,880 US$4,580
2 Months US$4,780 US$5,780
3 Months US$6,780 US$7,680

Contact a Personal Program Advisor to get your customized service package within your budget.


Learn the most spoken language in the world through a small group immersive language program that will fast track your Chinese language proficiency and take your life in a whole new direction!











Four Easy Steps to Go Abroad China

Step One: Apply online

Review program info and complete our online application form to get the ball rolling.

Step Two: Application Assessment

You will have a 15-min Skype interview with your program advisor to discuss your motivation, goals, needs, destination and duration. From this, we can make sure we tailor the right service package for you. We’ll also know if this is the right program for you. Within two to three days after the interview, the advisor will be in touch by email to let you know if your application has been successful. If so, we’ll send you a formal offer.

Step Three: Confirmation

To confirm your placement in our program, you’ll need to reply to our letter of offer and pay your agreed program deposit. Once this has been done, we’ll send you all the documents you need: your contract and all the required documents for your visa application as well as your pre-departure package via email, which contains all the information you’ll need regarding your trip and stay in China.

Step Four: Start your wonderful China journey

Once your flights have been booked, let us know your arrival details (date and time, flight number) so that we can organize airport pick-up. We’ll be excited to welcome you to our program in person!

Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.



Lea - United Kingdom Learn Chinese Program in Shanghai

The Chinese school was at an appropriate pace and the content of what we learnt could be applied to daily situations which was effective for practising Mandarin. 4 weeks from learning Chinese intensive classes is supper effective and useful for me. I think I will attend GAC's one semester or year University Chinese program in BLCU in 2018. Read More


Wesley - United Kingdom Internship and Chinese lessons

I first came to China for the language specifically and got the chance to go to Peking Univesity Chinese program and study for half a year. I am now currently interning at Vericant, in Beijing China, an IT company focused on carrying out video assessments for chinese students applying to study abroad.

Applying through GAC was the best decision I made while searching for an internship in China. They arranged everything, from finding my perfect internship company to providing a great accomodation for me and much more. They have really been supportive and have always been available to assist me whenever i encountered any difficulties.Read More


Tai - USASmall Class Mandarin Program

My program was one month long; I took the small group Mandarin Program in Beijing. I would say definitely that my confidence when speaking Chinese has increased even after spending just a few weeks studying in Beijing. I had already learned some Chinese before for 3 years back in high school, so this was just a continuation and a chance for me to visit Beijing. Of course the first two days were difficult in class and just a big mess, but I made friends quickly, my classmates were also cool. The teachers were nice and always taught in Chinese, I was okay with this and was even able to understand Chinese jokes in class. Read More


Catherine - Germany One on One Tutoring Program in Beijing

Really happy about my decision of going to Beijing for 2 months in order to prepare myself for the HSK 4! I am pretty sure that I would have never been able to learn that much if I would have taken private classes in Germany. The fact that I was actually going to my Chinese classes and also living in Beijing made me practice the language a lot. I used to speak Mandarin everyday since I was hanging out with Chinese people! Learning Chinese in its country is a much more effective way for students to impove faster. Since you could practice Mandarin anytime, anywhere and with anyone... Read More

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