IT is a booming industry in China, from software development to network support and web development, China has it all (and it’s in demand!). China has one of the world’s largest online markets. According to data from CNNIC, China’s internet users totaled a staggering 772 million internet users who spend on average 27 hours a week online. With a large online presence lies an opportunity for expansion using technology, benefiting the IT industry.

European and American IT companies are outsourcing to China in search of lower costs and higher productivity. China is investing in large-scale 3G deployments and broadband infrastructure, fueling the growth of mobile application platforms.

All modern companies need information technology support. Their electronic systems require maintenance, support, data protection policies and more. IT Internships are highly competitive and popular.

Go Abroad China has organized a number of IT and technology-related internships companies that have an excellent reputation, providing opportunities for interns to learn how IT and technology are developed in Asia. If you are interested in these sectors, you could work as a data analyst, IT technical support assistant, software developer and more.



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