Study Abroad at Shanghai Fudan University

With a history spanning over a hundred years, Shanghai Fudan University is among China’s oldest institutions, highly regarded across China. As a large and well-established university, Fudan has four campuses in downtown Shanghai – Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang and Jiangwan. Every year around 7 000 international students from 120 countries and regions study at Fudan, ranking the university second nationally when it comes to international student numbers. Should you find yourself coming to learn Chinese in Shanghai, Fudan University’s Chinese language courses are some of the best in China.

Fudan University has been at the forefront of student foreign exchange programs in China and is committed to raising the number of international degree and graduate students at its campuses. To this end, Fudan University has established global connections and exchange programs with almost 200 overseas universities including the University of Manchester, University of Sydney, Columbia University, University of Toronto and many more. The university places an emphasis on supplying high-quality international student programs.


main building in the campus of Shanghai Fudan University

Fudan University’s Chinese language Program for international students includes Summer School, semester programs and a special Bachelor of Arts course. The university also offers a range of other courses for foreign students including Chinese History, Chinese Culture, Chinese Literature, Chinese Economy, Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Law as well as a range of Doctoral and Masters courses which are taught in English. Taking a Chinese language course at Fudan University will help you to become more multicultural, to build a global view, and to make friends from all over the world. Go Abroad China are here to smooth the way, helping you choose a university, helping you get enrolled and ensuring all the finer details of coming to China to learn Chinese are taken care of for you.

Program Highlights

  • International recognition for outstanding academic performance
  • Total immersion in Chinese language and culture
  • Affordable, accredited and quality Chinese language programs
  • The program fee covers tuition, accommodation, visa support documents, textbooks, certificate, free culture electives, social activities and guided tours to tourist sites, networking events, welcome pack, and total support and assistance
  • Dormitory, homestay accommodation or shared apartment with a Chinese roommate
  • College credit transfer available

Transcripts & Certification

Upon successful completion of the Go Abroad China Mandarin Language Program at Fudan University, you will receive an official certificate and results transcript from the university, which is accepted by most universities around the world. Successful completion requires an 80% attendance rate and passing grades for the exams and overall course. Once you have completed the course Go Abroad China will provide you with all the necessary documentation and assistance for credit transfer. Study abroad for a semester here; you will soon be speaking Chinese like one of the locals!


Chinese Language Courses at Shanghai Fudan University

Learn Chinese in Shanghai at Fudan University’s Chinese Language School, one of the best in China,  and be fully immersed in Mandarin Chinese and the Chinese culture. Your classes will include all aspects of learning Mandarin Chinese, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, classical Chinese and Chinese affairs. The program has been designed to accelerate your grasp and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

The highly qualified staff have years of experience of teaching Chinese as a second language and helping students to achieve excellent results in a short time. Classes are available for any Mandarin proficiency level from absolute beginners to advanced students. Along with your language classes, a series of free lectures will be provided for a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, society, history and traditions.

The following Shanghai language courses are available here:

Fudan University’s International Summer Session will give students the opportunity to get familiar with China, take a Mandarin course in Shanghai and be part of the university community. All courses are divided in three levels depending on student’s language proficiency.  
Course highlights
  • Four-week Mandarin language course
  • Unique combination of Chinese language courses and major related classes
  • 19 content courses
  • Three Chinese Language courses to choose from
  • Wide range of topics that include Chinese History and Culture, Politics, Society, Business, Economy and Global Issues
  • Extracurricular activities that allow students to explore Shanghai and nearby areas
  • Professional Business Chinese Internship Program

Shanghai Fudan University Program Fees

Program Length Program Type Full Service with Homestay Full Service with Shared Apartment Full Service with Private Apartment
4 Weeks Standard US$3,380 US$3,780 US$4,180
Intensive US$4,080 US$4,480 US$4,880
8 Weeks Standard US$5,180 US$5,880 US$6,680
Intensive US$6,680 US$7,380 US$8,180
1 Semester Standard US$8,980 US$9,880 US$11,880
Intensive US$11,380 US$12,280 US$14,280
1 Academic Year Standard US$15,680 US$17,180 US$21,180
Intensive US$20,580 US$21,780 US$25,780
  • The University Chinese Program are flexible and available all year round from 4 weeks to a semester and an academic year.
  • Please contact a program advisor for more details on the course schedule of university.
  • Our program advisor will personalize your study plan based on your study goals and needs.
  • To ensure your placement in the program, please make application at least 2 weeks ahead.

Credit Transfer Options

All our international study and internship programs have been designed to complement your academic studies back home. If your university offers internship or allows external study credits to count towards your degree you can make your time in China count toward your degree for a more fulfilling experience!

We offer two credit transfer options: through your college or university at home or through our partner universities.

If your academic institution offers credits for academic internships or external studies towards your degree, you’re set! You’ll need to work with your academic coordinator at your home academic institution and our program coordinators to confirm their assessment requirements. This could include supervision evaluation, an approval form or another process. You may need to pay your university a tuition fee for the credit transfer. To ensure you can transfer credits to your home university at the end of your program, you should ask your home university for their credit transfer requirements during your application and before you arrive in China. Having these requirements will help us ensure you are placed in a program that meets these requirements and enables you to put those credits towards your final qualification. Go Abroad China are experience in helping students with study and internship credit transfers and will provide all the assistance you need and the required documentation for your credit transfer.

If you have any other questions or requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us online or email us at [email protected].

Four Easy Steps to Go Abroad China


Step One: Apply online

Review program info and complete our online application form to get the ball rolling.


Step Two: Application Assessment

You will have a 15-min Skype interview with your program advisor to discuss your motivation, goals, needs, destination and duration. From this, we can make sure we tailor the right service package for you. We’ll also know if this is the right program for you. Within two to three days after the interview, the advisor will be in touch by email to let you know if your application has been successful. If so, we’ll send you a formal offer.


Step Three: Confirmation

To confirm your placement in our program, you’ll need to reply to our letter of offer and pay your agreed program deposit. Once this has been done, we’ll send you all the documents you need: your contract and all the required documents for your visa application as well as your pre-departure package via email, which contains all the information you’ll need regarding your trip and stay in China.


Step Four: Start your wonderful China journey

Once your flights have been booked, let us know your arrival details (date and time, flight number) so that we can organize airport pick-up. We’ll be excited to welcome you to our program in person!

Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.

Have a question?

See our FAQs or contact our friendly team for more information.

What are you waiting for? Apply online now!

Learn Chinese the fastest way in an immersive and culturally rich experience which will fast track your learning experience. Have all your needs taken care of and broaden your horizons, be more independent and make friends for life!


Promotions & Financial Aid

We want everyone to have the chance to live and study in China; to make this possible we have a range of financial options available to support students who cannot afford full fees. Contact us today to discuss promotions, full and partial sponsorship opportunities.

Our prices start from US$1,980, depending on your service components, accommodation and length of stay.

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Oliver - United Kingdom University Mandarin Program in Shanghai

20 people coming from different countries, learning Mandarin together in a small group class from Monday to Friday: that’s the spirit! The two months in Jiaotong University were just crazy! I was not expecting that at all. I had so much fun learning and living the life in Shanghai that I did not want to leave. People were great and teachers also. I have learned how to write 200 Chinese characters in 2 months. Read More


Joshua - Australia - Internship & Mandarin Program in Beijing

A number of things contributed to making my internship such a fantastic experience. First of all, as I chose the home stay option, I was living with a Chinese family in a typical Beijing apartment. The family was very kind and provided assistance to me where they could. Secondly, the internship position itself and the company I worked for were excellent. For the first time since starting my studies I was able to get real-world, hands-on experience applying my knowledge, and I got to learn a lot of new stuff along the way. Thirdly, the other employees at my work were great people who really enriched my experience.Read More


Anna - Germany - Internship Program in Beijing

I would definitely recommend ‘Go abroad China’ without a once of hesitation, they give you just the correct balance between freedom and their fun organized events. You can always get in touch with any of them if you need help which is very reassuring. The coordinators are fantastic people that I had the chance to meet around good Chinese dinners and weekend activities. By the way, just a little advice for vegetarians: in China the menus are in Chinese so tell the ‘fuwuyuan’ (the waitress) ‘wo chi su’, which means that you are a vegetarian.Learning Chinese in Beijing with local people is very interesting. The beijingers have some special accent regarding some specail Chinese words. in additional, the staff will be able to help you choose your food. Read More


Daniela - Columbia - Internship and Chinese lessons

I am currently in the middle of my internship in hospitality, I am located in the city of Wuxi in Southeastern China. I am working at the Millennium Hotel, which is a 5 Star falling under Millennium and Copthorne Hotels with many branches all over Europe and northern America. I am a Guest Relations officer here and a lot of my daily tasks are about attending to guest requirements, concerns and work with the front dest too. I love it here, and I am learning so much. I speak English, Spanish and some German so all these languages come in handy when I communicate with foreign guests. Read More

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