Over 15 Years of Experience

Already deep into 2018, we, at Go Abroad China continue with a positive outlook as we develop our organization further. The year took off at a good start, with all employees and partnering bodies all working in solid coordination to meet the needs of our clients.

We continue to pursue ways in which to further solidify our programs on offer; The Internship in China program, The Mandarin Language study program in association with some of China’s most prominent universities, The Study Tour program for those looking for a short but highly integrated curriculum and our Volunteer in Beijing for individuals with an interest in social responsibility and giving back. Apart from the aforementioned main options, we also work to promote and improve some of our supporting alternatives that include Small Group Mandarin Language Study, the One-on-One Mandarin Tutoring setting and other specialized options. For candidates needing some more personalized/ customized program structure, we maintain our initial declaration that program flexibility and customization remains one of our sources of pride in the company.

Our organization, as always, welcomes more partnerships and cooperation with either well-connected and hard-working individuals, as well as university or other groups. Any potential partners can contact our team at [email protected]. Of the existing affiliations that we have already established, we seek deeper business ties and more opportunity for cooperation. We strife for improvement in all areas of our organization, especially service delivery, coming from the old understanding that our clients come first.

Our commitment to our initial values of commitment, honesty, professionalism and an all rounded service remain a strong point and we remain determined to serve our clients and customers to their fullest expectation.

We look forward to improved cooperation, company growth and ideal numbers right now into 2019 and in the coming year; we welcome clients from all over the world to come and experience China with us!

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Four Easy Steps to Internship in China

Step 1: Apply Online

Before you apply, remember to do your research, so you have an idea about where, when and for how long you want to intern abroad. When you have an idea of what you’d like, complete our online application form to get the ball rolling.

Step 2: Assessment

To make sure we know what you want from your internship experience – where you want to work, what you want to achieve, where and for how long you’d like to stay – we’ll organize a 15 minute Skype interview with you. From this, we can make sure we tailor the right Internship Package for you. We’ll also know if this is the right program for you. Within two to three days after the interview, the coordinator will be in touch by email to let you know if your application has been successful. If so, we’ll send you a formal offer.

Step 3: Confirmation

To confirm your placement in our program, you’ll need to reply to our letter of offer and pay your agreed deposit. Once this has been done, we’ll send you all the documents you need: your contract with us, your employment contract and all the required documents for your visa application as well as your pre-departure package. The pre-departure package contains all the information you’ll need regarding your trip including where you’ll stay.

Step 4: Start your China Internship Experience

Once your flights are booked, let us know the arrival details (date and time, flight number) so that we can organize airport pick-up. We’ll be excited to welcome you to our program in person!
Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.

Earn Credits

Through our partnership with universities and Language schools, you can earn credits for your studies in China. We’ll need to work with you and your local university to ensure that the program you choose qualifies for credits and fulfills their requirements for credits.

Have a Question?

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