Our small group Chinese language program is perfect for individuals who prefer smaller classes, need flexibility because they have limited time, groups wanting a personalized experience or even families. The intensive program will help you to start speaking Mandarin within a few weeks.

Learning to speak Mandarin can open doors for you and make a positive impact on your career (especially if you pair it with practical work experience through an internship). You don’t have to be a University student to learn Chinese either, and we have a range of courses available to suit you, from one-on-one personal tutoring through to small group classes and university programs.

Small Class Program – Dates & Fees

Program Length Program Type Full Service with Homestay Full Service with Shared Apartment
2 Weeks Standard US$2,080 US$2,680
Intensive US$2,680 US$2,880
1 Months Standard US$3,680 US$4,180
Intensive US$4,180 US$4,980
6 Weeks Standard US$4,480 US$5,580
Intensive US$5,480 US$6,380
2 Months Standard US$5,180 US$6,780
Intensive US$6,580 US$7,680
3 Months Standard US$8,080 US$9,180
Intensive US$9,580 US$10,880
6 Months Standard US$10,680 US$12,180
Intensive US$13,780 US$14,680
Academic Year Standard US$16,280 US$18,980
Intensive US$19,180 US$21,180

*All Prices in USD

What is Included in Internship in China Program Fee?

    • YOUR GUARANTEED INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT: Go Abroad China helps you find and secure your China internship, with more than 1000 corporate partners and over 2000 placement positions available, we guarantee we’ll find you the right placement.
    • ACCOMMODATION/HOUSING: Go Abroad China housing offers you the no-hassle option of a secure place to live from the moment you arrive, allowing you to focus on your studies or work. Click accommodation options or more details.
    • CHINESE LANGUAGE COURSES: You will be provided with 3 classes of Chinese Lessons per week in a small group or our our Professional Chinese tutors. You can even learn Chinese in a month! (the basics)
    • VISA SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION: When enrolment is completed, all of our china interns are given the necessary visa support documents needed to apply for a visa to enter the People & Republic of China.
    • PRE-DEPARTURE ASSISTANCE: Prior to your arrival in China, GAC offers professional and reliable information and assistance to help you resolve any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your china internship program and life in China.
    • ORIENTATION ON ARRIVAL WITH WELCOME PACK: You will receive an orientation session to help you get settled in and to brief you on how your internship in China will work. Your welcome pack will include a local mobile phone, transportation card, city map, and other orientation materials. Click welcome pack for details.
    • Business Networking Events
      To help you grow your network of connections and encourage your learning experience, we organize a range of business networking events for you to attend throughout your internship program.


    • Charity excursions
      To enhance your experience in China, your internship program will include charity excursions.
    • TRANSPORTATION: Airport pickup & drop-off (9am - 8pm, Beijing Time).
    • Welcome dinner and networking session
      A welcome dinner and networking session is organised to help you meet fellow interns and get settled in.
    • Program courses and materials including electives
      We will supply all the courses and materials relevant to your program and choices during your internship program.
    • Travel coordination and assistance
      The GAC team will be available to help you with your travel planning and coordination needs.
      Should any problems arise at any time during the Chinese internship program, Go Abroad China staff members will be available on call at anytime day or night.
    • Day-to-day living set-up and support
      Our team will help he get set-up for daily living in China and offer any day-to-day support you need for a hassle-free stay.
    • Certificate of completion and relevant course credits
      You will get to take home any credits you gained during your time in China as well as a formal certificate of completion for your internship program.
    • Fun social and cultural activities, guided tours and excursions
      Your program includes a range of social and cultural activities, guided tours, and excursions to give the opportunity to learn more about Chinese language and culture.


  • Standard program includes 20 academic hours a week, while the intensive course offers 25 academic hours. Intensive program is suitable for students seeking for fast improvement and achieving fluency in Chinese in a short term. Standard program is for those who prefer slower pace of studying and like to combine learning with leisure.
  • Program application deadline is two weeks before the program starts.
  • Time and program schedule are flexible. We will make all necessary arrangement during your arrival and stay in China.
  • Each program component, like Chinese language curriculum, full Internship package, accommodation and others are optional. Excluded components will be deducted from final package price. We can also provide Individual, customised program based on your specific requirement. Home stay only program is also available.
  • Additional language class fees are US $30 per academic hour for private tutoring class and US $25 per academic hour for small group class.



Learn the most spoken language in the world through an immersive language program that will fast track your Chinese language proficiency and take your life in a whole new direction!