What You Can Expect

Thousands of students have chosen Go Abroad China when they come to China to learn Chinese. Why? At Go Abroad China we do the best we can to ensure you get value for money and that you have a fantastic experience learning Chinese in China - from the start of your application through to going home. We are here to look after you around the clock and make sure you are happy, safe and comfortable.
We aim to give you the best value for money, with many extras included in our standard program price. We are well-known for making sure our students have a fulfilling experience in China, comfortable, safe, and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

When you take part in a Learn Chinese Program with Go Abroad China, you will:

  • Learn Chinese faster through our immersive language classes and by interacting with locals
  • You’ll explore your city like a local
  • You’ll gain independence and grow in confidence
  • You’ll make new friends for life
  • You’ll study with other international students
  • You’ll take part in professionally planned and prepared Language Programs with a full range of support services
  • You’ll receive transfers, certificates and, where relevant, credits towards your university degree.

Your typical day will include up to six hours of Chinese classes and up to two hours of homework. You’ll also have out-of-school activities like tours to historic sites, social or cultural activities and field trips. Read more about Daily Life in China.

Learn Chinese Program Inclusions

Our standard service package includes all the essential things you need to have a memorable experience including pre-departure support, visa support documentation, accommodation, insurance, transportation, medical aid and more.

Assistance with your application
Our team is here to help you get the ball rolling; they’ll assist you in any way possible throughout your application. We work closely with you to plan a tailored program that meets your needs.
Everything you need to live and study safely in China
Our service package covers all your day-to-day needs from visa support documentation to insurances and medical aid membership. We also help you get set-up for living in China.
We offer all students three choices of clean, conveniently located and comfortable housing tailored to your program selections and budget. Our local connections ensure you get ‘local’ pricing.
Around the clock assistance
Our team is here to help you out 24/7 with any assistance you may need whether it’s day-to-day support or support relating to your studies or internship.
Workshops & course materials
All GAC Learn Chinese Programs include the courses, textbooks and elective workshops you choose to take part in during your time here, with no out of pocket study expenses.
Getting around is easy with GAC. From airport transfers to excursions, tours, and travel, our package includes transportation for organized activities and trips during your stay in China.
Chinese language support
Our Chinese Language Program will be customized to suit your proficiency in Mandarin; this allows you to progress rapidly based on your level of skill.
Certificate & Credits
You won’t leave China empty-handed. Not only will you gain confidence and learn a new language, but you’ll also take the credits and certificate for your hard work home with you.
Activities & Tours
Meet your fellow students, socialize, tour, travel and take part in Chinese cultural experiences, all included in your package.
Networking And Social Activities
Connect with your fellow students, meet influential people and make new friends who live across the globe for life.
Join our Alumni
Become one of the more than 4000 students, past and present, who have taken part in a GAC Program.

Chinese Lessons Suitable for Everyone

Whether you just have a few hours to spare, or have come to China to explore or work, Go Abroad China can help you create the Chinese learning experience you want. With a range of choices available, from the level of language proficiency through to when you are available to study, GAC will tailor a package perfect for you.

Chinese classes are usually separated into three main categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Within in these groups, for example, the beginner level might be broken down into two further subgroups: an absolute beginner group for those who’ve never been exposed to Chinese before and a higher beginner group for those who’ve previously learned some basic Chinese but who are still not confident enough to speak Chinese. Our students all get placed in the classes that suit their level for the best results.

Your learning experience can be tailored to helping you with Business Chinese, day-to-day Chinese or preparing you for HSK test examinations. Before you start, we’ll assess your proficiency in Mandarin so we can ensure you get the right level of teaching for your ability.

There are generally three levels of study. However, these are flexible depending on your skill level and goals and contain many sub-levels.

HSK Preparation
Business Chinese
  • For students who haven’t started learning Mandarin yet, or have just started learning. The Basic Chinese level will help familiarize you with the basic Mandarin language. You will learn basic pronunciations, tones, and rules and start gaining a vocabulary of Chinese words. You’ll learn enough to be able to hold basic conversations in Mandarin to hold short conversations and express yourself in day-to-day or business situations. You’ll also learn some simple Chinese characters and some Chinese culture.
  • For students who already have a basic grasp of Mandarin. The intermediate Chinese class level is for those who would like to advance their Mandarin proficiency, so they are better at reading Chinese, speaking Chinese and writing Chinese. In this level, you improve your ability to differentiate between the four tones, further review Mandarin phonetic symbols and characters and examine basic sentence structures with regard to application and appropriate use. You will expand on your sentence structures and enlarge your vocabulary, further improving your ability to easily participate in short conversations at work or taking part in daily activities.
  • For people who have intermediate proficiency in Mandarin, but want to advance their skills, especially for business use. In the advanced level, you will improve your comprehensive through improved listening, reading, writing and oral skills. You will add idiomatic expressions, complex sentence structures, complex language patterns and topic-specific vocabulary to your repertoire. Your language proficiency will become more sophisticated, enabling you to communicate in-depth on a wide range of business and social topics and express your opinions.
  • The HSK, known as “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” in Chinese, is the standard Chinese Language Proficiency Test for non-native Chinese speakers, such as foreigners and overseas Chinese. The main objective of the HSK is to evaluate the level of standard Mandarin that one has learned.
  • For professionals who already have a sound knowledge of Mandarin, but who’d like to enhance their proficiency in Mandarin specifically for business settings, or who are looking for a curriculum based on business Mandarin. In this class, your language course material is customized to your business goals, enabling you to be able to use Mandarin for your business area, including specialized vocabulary. The Chinese lessons are designed for business people within any industry who need Chinese for work. Lessons could include, for example, vocabulary for meetings, negotiations, and presentations, legal vocabulary, financial vocabulary or Mandarin for business correspondence.

Four Easy Steps to Learning Chinese in China


Step one: Apply online

Once you have an idea about where, when and for how long you want to learn Chinese in China, complete our online application form to get the ball rolling.


Step two: Assessment

To make sure we know what you want from your Chinese learning experience – why you want to study abroad, what you want to achieve, where and for how long you’d like to stay – we’ll organize a 15 minute Skype interview with you. From this, we can make sure we tailor the right Learn Chinese Package for you. We’ll also know if this is the right program for you. Within two to three days after the interview, the coordinator will be in touch by email to let you know if your application has been successful. If so, we’ll send you a formal offer.


Step three: Confirmation

To confirm your placement in our program, you’ll need to reply to our letter of offer and pay your agreed deposit. Once this has been done, we’ll send you all the documents you need: your contract and all the required documents for your study visa application as well as your pre-departure package. The pre-departure package contains all the information you’ll need regarding your trip including where you’ll stay.


Step Four: Start your Chinese study experience

Once your flights have been booked, let us know your arrival details (date and time, flight number) so that we can organize airport pick-up. We’ll be excited to welcome you to our program in person!

Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.

Have a question?

Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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Learn Chinese the fastest way in an immersive and culturally rich experience which will fast track your learning experience. Have all your needs taken care of and broaden your horizons, be more independent and make friends for life!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our internship programs? Here are some commonly asked questions for you to look at. If you can’t find your question here, contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.


How is the Go Abroad China Internship Program different from other programs?
GAC Internship programs are paid internships. Participants will have a stipend to cover general expenses such as additional transport and meals. The amount you get will depend on your work placement and work performance. Our around the clock assistance team is fluent in both English and Chinese, so you know they can understand you. We offer an all-inclusive service package (that includes accommodation, visa documentation, and more) to reduce the cost of your stay. Our programs can be fully customized to suit your goals, needs, and interests, so the plan is just right for you. We aim to offer you the best competitive price, guaranteed. Our programs are all-inclusive. They cover the costs of insurance, visa support documents, transportation, courses, excursions, accommodation, study materials and more.
What is included in the price?
All the following items are included in the price at no additional cost:
  •        Program registration and enrolment
  •        Visa support documentation
  •        Airport transfers
  •        Accommodation/housing
  •        Orientation on arrival with a welcome pack
  •        Welcome dinner and networking session
  •        Program courses and materials including electives
  •        Business networking events
  •        Social and cultural activities, guided tours and excursions
  •        Charity excursions
  •        Your internship placement
  •        Travel coordination and assistance
  •        A Skype account for international calling
  •        24/7 support hotline and assistance
  •        Day-to-day living set-up and support
  •        Farewell dinner and more
What other costs are not included in the program fee?
Your flights and visa charges are not included in the GAC service package. You will need money for any additional living expenses, entertainment or shopping. Our team will be more than happy to help you book your flight or help you through the visa application process. What course levels are available? Our program participants and students are usually all at different language proficiency levels when they first join our program. The Chinese language course can accommodate students of all levels, whether you have studied Chinese before or not. Before you begin your course, you will take a placement test to determine your Chinese proficiency level and then you’ll be placed in the appropriate class for you. The Chinese classes are usually separated into three main categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Within in these large groups, for example, the beginner level might be broken down into two further subgroups: an absolute beginner group for those who’ve never been exposed to Chinese before and a higher beginner group for those who’ve previously learned some basic Chinese but who are still not confident enough to speak Chinese. Our students all get placed in the classes that suit their level for best results.
Where and when do I get my course textbooks?
Your textbooks are all included in your Go Abroad China total program fee and will be issued to you on your first day at school.
How many students will be in one class?
On average, there are 10-15 students per class. Class sizes don’t normally exceed 20 students at the most.
What is an average day like?
Depending on your class intensity (standard or intensive) and the university or Chinese language school, your typical day will usually include between four to six hours of Chinese classes. You’ll also get homework that can take up to two hours to complete. This usually consists of revision and practicing your Chinese characters.


What am I going to learn?
As a general guide, over the course of a semester of study, we expect the average student to learn and master roughly 800 new characters (this amounts to 100-200 characters per month). To put this into perspective:
  • Knowing 200 characters is enough to survive at a basic level on a day to day basis, that is; introduce yourself, give directions to a taxi driver, order basic food and drink.
  • Knowing 800 characters will allow you to hold a simple conversation in Chinese, for example talking about the weather, your likes and dislikes, shopping and almost effortlessly getting around town.
  • Knowing 1 500 characters will allow you to be able to read a newspaper; although you might not recognize every character, you will still be able to grasp the overall meaning of an article.
  • Knowing 2500-3500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese high school student. At this stage, you will be able to fully read and understand newspapers and television programs, and converse easily on a wide range of topics.
  • Mastering 4500-5500 characters will put you around the same level as a local Chinese university student. At this level, you are expected to speak fluently in any situation, be able to translate, as well as understand and speak as a well-educated ‘local.’
  • Getting to the level of 20 000 – 30 000 characters puts you within a very small group of linguistic, academic experts who command a very rare knowledge of all non-standard vocabulary and subtleties contained in Mandarin Chinese. Not many people, foreign and even local ever reach this level, but there is no harm in trying!
We encourage our students to study as much as possible, especially as learning Chinese is a time-intensive process. Practicing Chinese Characters and memorizing your new words will lead to faster, more ideal results.
Which topics and lessons will my course cover?
The lessons focus on all parts of the Chinese language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing Chinese. There is also an emphasis on skills which allow students to take advantage of the local environment, so they can communicate in everyday life. In the classroom, students generally go over vocabulary, practice reading, learn grammar and master Chinese sentence formation and structure, do some speaking exercises with other classmates and more. All these aspects of study will ensure a rapid knowledge of the Chinese language.
How many hours per week will I be studying?
The Chinese language classes at our partner schools run from Monday to Friday with a total of 20 hours per week for a standard program. Class sessions are 40-50 minutes a period with a short break provided in between.
What are the teachers and lecturers like?
The professors are highly experienced native Mandarin speakers, with years of experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners and are considered as experts. They are highly capable in their field.
How do I know what level to start at?
Before you formally start your learning, you will take a placement test to help the university, and your teachers know which class to place you in, and your current level of Chinese, regardless of whether you studied Chinese before or not.
How long does it take to be fluent in Chinese?
If you follow the course from the complete beginner level to the end of the advanced level, it should take you around three years to reach the level of a native speaker. Of course, this includes studying during the summer and winter holiday breaks. However, everyone is different. Some people learn faster than others, and since you take a placement test in the beginning, you don’t have to be confined in that level. It is possible to skip some levels if you are a fast and hardworking learner. It isn’t necessary to go through all the levels from beginner to advanced or to speak like a native, a high and reasonable level is usually accepted to live and work in China. Students who complete the beginner level should be able to converse in simple Chinese already.
Which documents will be given to me when I complete the program?
Go Abroad China provides students with a certificate on successful completion of the program. For those who joined the program at one of our partner universities, each university will issue an additional certificate as well.
Can I arrive before my course begins?
Go Abroad China recommends that you arrive on the specified arrival dates for each program, which are selected, so you have a couple of days to settle into your accommodation, start making new friends and explore your local area! However, if you need to arrive before the stipulated time, or want to extend your stay after the program officially ends, then this can be arranged for a small additional fee.