What’s Included in a GAC Internship?

The Go Abroad China (GAC) Internship program has been much-loved by thousands of students for many reasons. Our commitment to making sure you have a fantastic internship experience from the start of your application through to going home, means we work hard to look after you around the clock.

We aim to give you the best value for money, with many extras included in your internship program price. We are well-known for making sure our students have a fulfilling experience in China, comfortable, safe, and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

Our service package includes all the essential things you need to have a memorable experience including pre-departure support, visa support documentation, accommodation, insurance, transportation, medical aid and more.

Your program fee includes the following:

Guaranteed Placement
With over 600 partner companies, including fortune 500 companies, to choose from, we rarely cannot find an internship for our applicants. If we can’t find a placement you like, we’ll refund your deposit. We will help you find full time or part-time placements.
Paid Internships
We can guarantee paid internships if you stay for longer than a period of four weeks. Your stipend can help cover the daily costs of living in China such as your groceries, social activities (those you organize in addition to included activities) and more.
Assistance with Your Application
Our program coordinators are here to assist you in any way possible throughout the application process to help you get the ball rolling. We will work closely with you to plan a tailored program that meets your needs.
Professional Development
We work together with you throughout your internship and provide feedback, mentoring and coaching to help you succeed. We want you to walk away with the experience and growth you need to have a stellar career.
Everything You Need to Live and Work Safely in China
Our service package covers all your day-to-day needs from visa support documentation to insurances and medical aid membership. We also help you get set-up for living in China.
Getting around is easy with GAC. From airport transfers to excursions, tours and travel, our package includes transportation organized activities and trips during your stay in China.
We offer all students three choices of clean, conveniently located and comfortable housing tailored to your program selections and budget. Our local connections ensure you get ‘local’ pricing.
Workshops & Course Materials
All GAC Internship programs include the courses, textbooks and elective workshops you choose to take part in during your internship with no out of pocket study expenses.
Around the Clock Assistance
Our team are here to help you out 24/7 with any assistance you may need whether it’s day-to-day support or support relating to your studies or internship.
Business Networking Opportunities
Make global connections, meet new people and grow your network through our business networking events.
Chinese Language Support
Our Chinese language program can be customized to suit your proficiency in Mandarin; this allows you to progress rapidly based on your level of skill.
Activities & Tours
Meet your fellow internship participants, socialize, tour, travel and take part in Chinese cultural experiences, all included in your package.
Certificate & Credits
You won’t leave China empty-handed. Not only will you gain invaluable international work experience, you’ll take the credits and certificate for your hard work home with you.
Join our Alumni
Become one of the more than 4000 students, past and present, who have taken part in a GAC Internship through cultural events, excursions, networking and alumni activities.

Tuan - Australia Internship Program in Beijing

Living and working in Beijing really opened my eyes. The people are extremely nice and helpful. During work, even though there is a huge language barrier, my colleagues do try to communicate with me and the manager was able to organise me to learn from different departments. I was able to make new friends and visit many places in Beijing. Everyone from GAC are very helpful and supportive. Overall I am satisfied with the program. Read More


Laura - USA Internship Program in Shanghai

Go aboard China was the one of the best things to happen to me!!! I did the homestay program where I stayed with the cutest family they were so kind to me!!! Kinder then the family I have now lol I actually miss them and think of them often even though it's been a few months since I left the program. I also got to work in an amazing engineering firm Wison were I had the most loving and hilarious coworkers, I literally just fit right in ! GAC I would recommend to a friend or any one reading this. Even when i wasn't in the city of Shanghai , GAC still helped me, plan , get and make sure I was safe during my trip to Beijing. I love GAC!!! Read More


Chris - United Kingdom Internship Program in Beijing

My time in China has been extremely rewarding. When I arrived, the culture shock was immense but I quickly settled into Chinese life, thanks to Gina and the GAC team. My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me the opportunity to work in a fantastically social co-working space in the heart of Sanlitun SOHO, a cosmopolitan and refined area. Read More


David - Australia Internship Program in Shanghai

Overall I enjoyed my experience with GAC. I was pleased with the amount of knowledge I learned and the new experiences I went through during my internship as a financial analyst at a finance company which GAC found on my behalf. The internship made me realize how fast things move in the finance industry and I feel it has prepared me well for the transition from university to the work force. Read More

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Mentoring and Coaching during your Internship

Simply working for an international company for a few months may not be enough to jumpstart your career the way you want it to, that’s why at Go Abroad China we:

  • Work closely with you to find the best placement opportunity to meet your goals.
  • Ensure that your internship will include working on meaningful projects and tasks that will enhance your level of experience.
  • Support you throughout your internship with mentoring and coaching.
All our interns in China receive personal support through personalized mentoring and coaching. We believe this is a very important part of your professional development, so that you go home with new skills and the confidence to tackle your career head on.

Why Mentoring and Coaching is important

Knowing what the best career options are for you, what types of organizations to choose and what sorts of roles will work best for you can be tricky without support. Ensuring that you gain the right skills and experience make all the difference when it comes to improving your résumé and future prospects. To help make sure your internship placement makes a positive impact on your future, we place you with a coach and mentor who can help you develop the right skills to enhance your career path.

Mentoring can help you secure the right placement and will help you gain additional skills and knowledge over and above the things you learn at work in your internship. Your personal coach will work individually with you on professional development as well as being there to support you with any obstacles or challenges that come your way. Your coach and mentor can help you develop leadership skills and confidence.

How Mentoring and Coaching works

Go Abroad China offers you support before, during and after your internship with our one-on-one Mentoring and Coaching program. Getting the right internship opportunity for your career path, and having some idea of what that career path will be are important to ensuring the experience is valuable from a professional perspective and not just for personal growth. Being successful in your career plays an important part in your future happiness.

Our team will work closely with you prior to coming to help ensure you get the best placement opportunities for you. Once you are here, you will be assigned an experienced Professional Coach who will work with you, through several one-on-one coaching sessions covering a range of Career and Professional development topics.

Before You are Placed

Prior to your placement, our consultants will work with you to review:

  • Your resume, cover letters and potentially work samples
  • Review your career path and plans
  • Your strengths
  • Placement interview preparation
  • Salary negotiating and accepting the role
  • Understand the expectations and reality of working in certain industries.
During the Program

Once you’re here, our team will continue to help you with professional development throughout your program, by:

  • Tracking your progress
  • Helping you develop your personal brand and online profile
  • Coming on-site to facilitate feedback with your supervisor and assess your learning progress
  • Supply networking opportunities so you can develop your global connections; helping you understand how to make the best of networking
  • Work with you around basic executive function skills such as planning and organizing, time management, prioritization of tasks, multi-tasking, and problem solving skills and techniques

Business Networking Events and Seminars

GAC’s business networking events and seminars allow you to grow your global network while hearing from top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and other business professionals about their professional journey and career highlights. You’ll get to meet influential business people and hear their stories about how their career developed after university. You will also get the opportunity to attend regular networking events organized both by us and other business organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce.

Our networking events and seminars give you the opportunity to meet fellow interns, local and international business people and grow your connections. The seminar series will allow you gain insights from successful business people and apply these within your career. Be inspired by what others have achieved, and know that you can achieve great things too!

Go home knowing you’ve changed your life

Gain invaluable life experience, independence and confidence.

Get crucial international experience to boost your career and make your résumé stand out.

Start building a global network of connections and business contacts for your future.

Gain valuable language skills while living in China and experiencing Chinese culture firsthand.

Develop the skills that employers value in new recruits and improve your chances of employment.

What are you waiting for?


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our internship programs? Here are some commonly asked questions for you to look at. If you can’t find your question here, Contact Us, and we’ll be glad to help.
How is the Go Abroad China Internship Program different from other programs?

GAC Internship programs are paid internships. Participants will have a stipend to cover general expenses such as additional transport and meals. The amount you get will depend on your work placement and work performance.

Our around the clock assistance team is fluent in both English and Chinese, so you know they can understand you.

We offer an all-inclusive service package (that includes accommodation, visa documentation, and more) to reduce the cost of your stay.

Our programs can be fully customized to suit your goals, needs and interests, so the plan is just right for you.

We aim to offer you the best competitive price, guaranteed. Our programs are all-inclusive. They cover the costs of insurance, visa support documents, transportation, courses, excursions, accommodation, study materials and more.

What is included in the price?
All the following items are included in the price at no additional cost:
  • Program registration and enrolment
  • Visa support documentation
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation/housing
  • Orientation on arrival with a welcome pack
  • Welcome dinner and networking session
  • Program courses and materials including electives
  • Business networking events
  • Social and cultural activities, guided tours and excursions
  • Charity excursions
  • Your internship placement
  • Travel coordination and assistance
  • A Skype account for international calling
  • 24/7 support hotline and assistance
  • Day-to-day living set-up and support
  • Farewell dinner and more
What other costs are not included in the program fee?

Your flights and visa charges are not included in the GAC service package. You will need money for any additional living expenses, entertainment or shopping. Our team will be more than happy to help you book your flight or help you through the visa application process.