A finance internship abroad could give you invaluable experience in international financial markets. The Chinese financial market has recently undergone much change with an update to industry regulations and the opening up of the Chinese financial market to foreign investment; this makes it an exciting time to be part of the finance workforce in China. An international finance internship in China will allow you to apply what you learned while study while exposing you to the exciting and dynamic changes taking place in China’s financial markets.

Going global has opened up China’s transfer of equity across borders with an increase in capital flowing in and out of the country; this has spearheaded the entry of well-known brands like Coca-Cola, LinkedIn and Tesla in China as well as iconic Chinese brands becoming international household names, like Alibaba and Baidu. The change in legislation opening up this flow of investment across borders has also led to Chinese investors purchasing iconic brands like Weetabix, Volvo, and GE Appliances.

This exciting and dynamic environment offers finance, accounting, private equity, and venture capital interns to gain insights into the international sector and gain invaluable experience in an exciting Chinese economy. Go Abroad China places interns with high-profile companies involved in venture capital, private equity, accounting, financial analysis, portfolio, and growth management. By joining our Go Abroad China finance internships, you’ll get the opportunity to observe more about Asia's rapid growth and development while gaining experience by working alongside successful professionals in private firms. Choose Go Abroad China for a meaningful international paid internship experience.

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