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Go Abroad China works with a range of academic institutions, host companies, agents and other stakeholders to provide high quality Learn Chinese and Internship Programs in China. In collaboration, we can supply a broad range of study abroad and internship abroad opportunities for international students.

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Beneficial Partnerships

We aim to work together with a range of educational institutions, agents, and host companies to deliver in-depth programs that support international students in their studies while providing benefits to our partners. By working together to encourage international students to come to China, we can promote your businesses, help you find new students and interns, and promote China as a fantastic place to work and study abroad.

Our Programs

Go Abroad China is one of the few platforms that offer a full suite of opportunities for students here in China; these include:

  • Learning Chinese
  • Internship Programs
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Teach English Programs
  • Travel Tours and sightseeing.

Our programs are all based in China, and we work hard to ensure we find the best opportunities for our students. We’ve hosted thousands of students from across the globe in customized internship and study abroad programs. We've worked hard to make our program the most competitive in China. Many students enjoy their experience in China so much that they return, or recommend their friends join Go Abroad China too. We're continually improving our services and adding new programs to our offerings.

Go Abroad China arranges paid Internships for our participants with a range of companies, from small start-ups to large, multinational corporations; or work experience placements for universities. Cultural activities and sightseeing are included in our Internship Abroad Packages. Programs deliver internship opportunities across 28 internship fields. We are continually looking for new and exciting opportunities for our students.

International Partnership Opportunities

We work hard to deliver high-quality, competitive programs and have been able to partner with many local and international organizations. Together with our partners, we can offer our students invaluable experiences and opportunities to study, work and explore China. These experiences help them kick-start stellar career opportunities and stand out from their peers while reassuring you that your students and interns are safe and supported while they’re here.

We welcome universities, host companies, agents and schools to partner with us in supplying great opportunities to bring young international talent to China.

Become a Go Abroad CHINA Partner

Together with our partners, we can offer customized programs for students; work placement and internship positions that support their significant subject learnings; scholarships to help make our programs more accessible; social, cultural, travel and volunteer opportunities that help students grow and develop their personality, skills, and perspectives. We welcome you to join our network of partners and help us deliver modern, meaningful and valuable experiences to international students. GAC offers complete support and competitive commission rates for group and individual programs. We welcome agents from all around the world and Chinese universities, schools and host companies. For more information, or to request a sales and marketing kit, please contact [email protected].

We are proud to partner with some great organizations and educational institutions around the world and here in China.

Opportunities Available

GAC offers international partner universities an avenue to send their students to China for international work placement (including credit awards), to accelerate their mastery of Mandarin and to offer them additional academic opportunities at Chinese partner universities. Programs are available throughout the year and for any duration. We offer local partner universities and language schools an opportunity to teach our international participants their selected programs without the hassle. We help students through the application process, help them apply for their Chinese Visa, arrange accommodation and extracurricular activities such as cultural activities, sightseeing, social and business networking events. Rest assured your students are safe in our hands. Our team can work with you to develop customized study abroad programs, or we can help you fill your programs with international students. Our team are experienced and can reduce the time and effort it takes to put together a new high quality, sustainable program. Our team can also assist in the promotion of your current programs and help you fill them without the effort of setting them up and looking after them here in China. Our commitment to safety is unrivaled. Through our partnerships, we can offer students an enhanced work, social, educational and cultural experience that makes a massive impact on their future career opportunities. Our partner universities and language schools continue to work with us because we deliver flexible opportunities, know China well, have in-depth experience and a deep commitment to health and safety. Contact us to apply for a partnership or to find out more.

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With over a decade of experience in delivering programs in China, GAC has built a reputation for reliability and quality. We pride ourselves in our efforts to continually improve.

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At GAC, we are passionate about being the best in the industry.

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