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The ‘Hong Kong’ of the north…

Dalian is a seaport city in Liaoning Province in China’s northeastern region. It is the second largest city in the province and is now renowned as one of the most important and busiest financial, shipping and logistics hubs for Northeast Asia.

Dalian is a city with quite a remarkable history; it survived the early occupation by the British, Russian and Japanese forces, and today, some of the old Soviet-style architecture remains. Nowadays Dalian has transformed into a city with a strong economy; it ranks as the eighth economically strongest city in China.

Besides being a port city, its other important industries include machine manufacture, petrochemical, electronics and oil refining. Recently, Dalian has attracted a steady flow of investment and has a considerable influx of scientific and technological human resource. These factors make it an excellent location for our Chinese internship programs.

With an abundance of educational institutes and a steady tourism sector, Dalian provides an excellent opportunity for anyone pursuing Mandarin Chinese study; it is a dynamic city that attracts plenty of foreign individuals who come to learn and better understand Chinese, some come on study tours and others on an intensive Chinese language program. Local businesses can flourish due to the influx of both national and international tourists.

Go Abroad China has many opportunities available for you to come and learn Chinese or to take part in an exciting internship in Dalian (or both!)


Go Abroad China Programsin Dalian

Go Abroad China (GAC) offers a variety of programs in Dalian, allowing you to come and experience the exciting history of Dalian while you complete an internship, learn Chinese, Volunteer and more. Our programs run from a couple of weeks through to a full year. We can arrange anything for you right here in Nanjing, whether you plan to come and study or take an internship (or both).



Internship in Dalian

If you are looking for professional career options, come and take part in our exciting internship program in Dalian, in northeastern China. Go Abroad China provides participants with invaluable and inspiring experiences through a China internship program. Choose from any of our many industry sectors to develop your professional skills.

Our team will get to know you and will match your skills, educational background and interests with a company that will allow you to learn and grow through your internship working experience, giving you the opportunity to work in a modern company, with bilingual staff so you can get the most out of your time here.

Learn Chinese in Dalian

Dalian offers a seaport environment in which to learn Chinese and practice your pronunciations so that you can sound more like a native speaker. There is a lot to see and do around the city as you explore and experience the history of Dalian. Studying and immersing yourself in Chinese culture, in this philosophically and historically significant town is an experience not to be missed!

Go Abroad China’s unique learn Chinese in China Program is facilitated in partnership with some of China’s top universities and language schools, with the support of professional language teachers.



If you are interested in studying Chinese, we offer a range of options from university programshigh school programs, and small group programs to personalized one-on-one tutoring. We offer three accommodation options for you while you are studying here, however, for maximum culture exposure and accelerated Chinese language learning, we encourage you to stay with a Chinese host family as this allows you to live the language as you learn it.

Feedback on our Intensive Chinese Courses has been that many of our participants have spent several years studying Chinese with little progress, and they found it very difficult to learn without a real Chinese environment. Once here, that changed! Why don’t you come to China to learn Chinese the easy way?

Life in Dalian

Here are some hints and tips for living, working and studying in Dalian:

Dalian cuisine is an extension of Shandong cuisine, marked by plenty of seafood with intense flavors. Popular cooking methods include frying, steaming, and braising. Some popular dishes include colorful snowflake scallops, salted fish with corn cake, dumplings and many more. Given its history of foreign occupation and the continuing influx of internationals, Dalian is not short of other Asian and Western food choices.

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Our support doesn’t end when you arrive. We are as dedicated to ensuring you have around the clock support for the duration of your stay as we do in getting you here. Your journey will include your paid internship, accommodation, language courses, cultural experiences, tours, and networking.

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